Dave Knipfer – Owner/President

Dave is a life-long resident of the Madison area, and received a degree in geography with an emphasis in cartography from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. While attending college he gained experience in the mapping industry with Southwest Wisconsin Regional Planning. He started with MSL in 1986 as a cartographer, and subsequently was promoted to Project Manager, Project Estimator, VP of Marketing and Operations, and President in 2006. Dave and his wife Brenda purchased Mapping Specialists in January of 2009. Dave enjoys hunting, fishing, and gardening.

Headshot of Dave Knipfer of Mapping Specialists

Oona Markielewski – Accounting Manager

Oona is originally from Washington, D.C. and grew up in Winona, Minnesota. She has a degree in accounting and finance and a B.A. in business administration from Lakeland College. She started as MSL’s part-time Office Manager in 1995 and was promoted to Accounting Manager in 1997. Oona wears many hats at MSL, handling accounting, payroll, cash management, finances, and data entry; she also has a hand in purchasing, shipping, and is (usually) the voice at the other end of the phone. On the side Oona enjoys working out, fishing, boating, and vacationing in northern Wisconsin.

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Joe Benash – Project Manager, Printing & Lamination

Joe is originally from Evansville, just south of Madison. He attended the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, where he earned a major in geography with a GIS emphasis and a geology minor. After an internship with the Winnebago County (WI) GIS Department, Joe joined MSL in 1997 as a cartographer. As a project manager, Joe is responsible for customer support, custom mapping, product fulfillment, printing, laminating, and shipping. Joe is involved in sports, including flag football, volleyball, basketball, and fast-pitch softball; his softball team, with a record of 97-3, won two national titles in 2006.

Headshot of Joe Benash of Mapping Specialists

Mike Woodard – Project Manager

Mike finished his B.S. in geography from Illinois State University and came to Mapping Specialists first as an intern, and then as a full-time cartographer; he was promoted to project manager in 2018. Mike specializes in street and regional-level mapping, data acquisition and manipulation, GIS, custom mapping, and customer service. He has earned the Mapping Specialists Leadership Award and Onno Brouwer Excellence in Cartography Award. Mike is interested in music, movies, sports and trivia; his office is decorated with Chicago Cubs memorabilia.

Headshot of Mike Woodard of Mapping Specialists

Glen Pawelski – Project Manager

Early on, it was apparent that I had a strong interest maps and geography as well as other scientific fields like astronomy and geology.

I decided to study geography and cartography at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where I worked with Dr. Sona Andrews who really fueled my interest in cartography. While at UWM I took undergrad courses in cartography, GIS, human and physical geography, archaeology, anthropology, astronomy, and geomorphology. I also worked creating maps and graphics at the Cartography Lab within the Geography Department.

I gained a wealth of experience and knowledge while working at the lab and this led to internship opportunities: one semester at the Bureau of Land Management and another at a local GIS firm. It was also at this time that Dr. Andrews recruited me to work at my first NACIS conference in Milwaukee in 1991.

My education continued into my Master’s program at UWM where, after one year, I was whisked away to the professional world of map making. A chance connection at an AAG conference in 1993 led to an on-site interview which resulted in landing my first job as a ‘Digital Cartography Coordinator’ at The H.M. Gousha Company in Texas.

After Rand McNally acquired the company and closed its doors, I moved on to NovoPrint USA in Milwaukee and then to XNR Productions/Terra Carta in Madison. I have called Mapping Specialists home for the past 13 years and there you will find me happily working away on any of dozens of active projects.

I’ve been involved with NACIS since that student ‘volunteer’ time in 1991. I served two separate terms on the Board of Directors and also served as Local Arrangements Co-Organizer. Every year the NACIS conference acts as a driving force in my own professional development as well as a mechanism for fostering the many longterm friendships I’ve been so fortunate to make.

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Jeff King – Project Manager

Jeff has lived in the Madison area for most of his life. He has degrees in History, Geography, and Broadfield Social Studies Education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He joined the Mapping Specialists team in 1995. As a project manager, Jeff is responsible for all aspects of cartographic production and delivering clients’ projects on time and on budget. He specializes in city street and atlas mapping, finished printed products, and custom projects. He enjoys kickboxing and science fiction books and movies, and has written several historical books that are for sale on Amazon.

Headshot of Jeff King of Mapping Specialists

Terry Bush – Senior Cartographer/Editor

After an earlier career in writing and public relations, Terry joined the Mapping Specialists team in 1998. After a few years in production he was promoted to editor to ensure that the company’s products meet the highest standards of cartographic quality. Terry is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Beloit College. He also holds a master’s degree in political science from the University of Chicago, and a master’s degree in forestry from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. He spent a year studying sustainable forestry as a Fulbright Scholar at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

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Mike Davis – Senior Cartographer

Mike earned his degree in cartography and GIS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has worked at Mapping Specialists ever since. Mike’s expertise includes street mapping, indexing, and interactive and web map creation. He also assists with fulfillment of customers’ print and lamination projects. Mike was recently awarded the MSL Onno Brouwer Excellence in Cartography Award. Outside of work, Mike enjoys ultimate frisbee, running, hiking, cooking, board games, and volunteering with service groups.

Headshot of Mike Davis of Mapping Specialists

William Kyngesburye Senior Cartographer

William finished his B.S. in cartography at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1991 and worked for a few years for the State of Alaska before coming to Mapping Specialists in 1996. His cartographic knowledge makes him well-suited for data management, base creation, and generation of shaded relief. Besides being talented in the creation of quality cartography, William is Mapping Specialists’ IT Administrator, responsible for our hardware and software systems, network maintenance, scripting, and website development. He is well-versed in various Open Source systems.

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Rob McCaleb Senior Cartographer

Rob has a B.S. in geology from Michigan State University and came to us in 2015 after spending 13 years at XNR Productions/Terra Carta. Rob is an excellent problem solver and highly skilled at map production. One of Rob’s areas of specialty is generating relief imagery and tilted perspective maps. Most often he can be found working on large-format projects such as wall maps and folded sheet maps. Rob enjoys general reference maps with tons of detail. He likes to explore, and figures that more detail means that more exploration can be done. Outside work, Rob plays on a kickball team, likes to ski, and ranks the back bowls at Vail as his favorite place to be.

Headshot of Rob McCaleb of Mapping Specialists

Paula Robbins Senior Cartographer

Paula has a B.S. in cartography from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has worked previously at the UW Cartography Lab, Ayres Associates, and XNR Productions. Paula is an artist, and excels in creating hand-drawn and digital art. She is skilled at taking complicated data and representing it in a clear and concise manner. She produces maps, charts, graphs, and illustrations. In her spare time, Paula pursues painting, drawing, jewelry-making, martial arts, photography, outdoor activities, and home improvement projects.

Headshot of Paula Robinson of Mapping Specialists