MSL Games Presents – Spin to Win

Mapping Specialists is pleased to announce the arrival of its second online game

Spin to Win is the second release by “MSL Games.” This is our first multi-player game designed for the family or the classroom. As with all MSL Games, Spin to Win is both educational and fun. More importantly, Mapping Specialists can load whatever questions you supply. The sample game, based on geography, can be played on our home page at All MSL Games take up small footprints, use low bandwidth, and run on virtually all computers that have Flash Player 9. MSL Games can be purchased individually or licensed to host on your server.

For more information on MSL Games contact If you would like to try your hand in World Geography, go to and click on Spin to Win. New games will be released soon so check the Web site often.

2009/02/13 14:57 · adamd

County Map Updates and Sale

The 2009 Dane County and 2008 Rock County atlases and wallmaps are now available. 2008 Dane (spiral-boound only) and 2007 Rock atlases are now on sale, limited quantities available!

New pricing: Rock County Atlas is now $15.95, Green County Atlas is now $12.95.

As of the 2009 Dane County Atlas, we no longer sell a binder edition. We will still sell binder updates, for those who have purchased binder atlases in the past.

2009/02/10 12:01 · William Kyngesburye

MSL Games – For the Web

Mapping Specialists is pleased to announce the arrival of MSL Games

MSL Games marks the launch of what will be a series of both static and custom games to be played on the World Wide Web. Sample games are hosted on our home page at MSL Games take up a small footprint, uses low bandwidth, and runs on virtually all machines that have FLASH Player. The games will be able to be purchased individually or licensed to host on your server.

2008/12/01 15:03 · adamd

News Products & Some New Pricing

We are now offering Natural Earth maps of the world and the U.S., and EarthView maps of the continents, created by Tom Patterson.

EarthView/Natural Earth II maps of the world portray the physical features of the earth as they would be seen from space. These maps are highly detailed and are available in nine different views centered on each of the seven continents, the North Pole, and Oceania. Available with or without national boundaries.

The Natural Earth II map of the world portrays the physical characteristics of the earth in a visually-appealing, highly-detailed way. Available with or without national boundaries.

The U.S. Physical Map of the contiguous 48 states shows the major physical features of the U.S. in detail. Based on elevation data collected by the Space Shuttle, rendered in a unique plan-oblique relief view. Available with or without labels naming significant features and major cities.

All maps are laminated and are available with optional hanging strips attached.

Prices for framed Lake Wall Maps are now as follows: $90 for small size, $125 for medium size and $175 for large size.

2007/11/01 15:30 · William Kyngesburye

MSL Online Store is live!

Our online store is now ready. All Mapping Specialists products are available for purchase online. The one limitation currently is that tiled topo quads cannot be ordered online, yet, but we’re working on that.

We will be expanding the store in the coming months to include other products that we sell, such as the DeLorme state atlases, and other products that we are licensed to sell.

2007/05/04 11:03 · William Kyngesburye

New MSL Web Site

Welcome the the new Mapping Specialists web site! New look, but still familiar. We changed from custom, mostly static pages to a weblog-based system. This makes it easier to update the site and post news items, like this one. The site is completely searchable also – find those old Newsletter articles easily. (Currently the content search and lakemap search are separate.)

The news items are also available by RSS newsfeed. Most browsers will show an RSS icon that a site has a newsfeed available – check it out and bookmark it. Currently new/updated lakemaps don’t show up in the newsfeed (unless a news item is added), but I’m working on that.

There may still be a glitch here or there. Let us know if you find any problems.

2006/06/03 14:39 · William Kyngesburye

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