Work-for-Hire and Licensing Options

Mapping Specialists is a “work-for-hire” contractor. If you wish, the map and files become your intellectual property. You can repurpose it or reprint it, without owing us royalties. You hold the copyright and can use the map in any way you want.

We also have existing map series that can be licensed for single or multiple uses; royalties would be paid on a per-unit-printed basis. This process reduces your up-front production costs.


We produce maps for a wide variety of clients. Your work will be kept separate from all our other clients; your map will not suddenly appear in someone else’s publication. All of our work-for-hire jobs result in custom graphics designed to your specifications. We retain the right to select base maps from our library and customize them for you.

Design Services

Our staff combines elements of cartography and design effectively to give your maps a unique look. We have extensive abilities to design your program from scratch, mesh ideas from examples you provide, or match your established design specifications. New and innovative designs are routinely applied. We strive for consistency in style for a particular map series.

Research & Editing Services

Our clients want maps that are not only attractive, but also complete and accurate. Our editorial staff reviews maps for content suitability and verification, geographic accuracy, and design issues. Our editorial department is one of the primary reasons that Mapping Specialists has earned a world-wide reputation for producing quality maps.


We expect that some changes will occur during the proofing stages, so we build a round of corrections into our estimate. If extra charges (Author’s Adjustments or AA’s) need to be applied, you will be notified before the work commences.

We pride ourselves in the quality and thoroughness of our work. Detailed and accurate research is one of the services that we offer as part of the pricing package. Our approach is that if we’re going to take the time to do the map, then we’re going to do it right!