MSL Games Presents – Spin to Win Mapping Specialists is pleased to announce the arrival of its second online game Spin to Win is the second release by “MSL Games.” This is our first multi-player game designed for the family or the classroom. As with all MSL Games, Spin to Win is both educational and fun. More importantly, Mapping Specialists can load whatever questions you supply. The sample game, based … Read More →

Newsletter Winter 2007 Vol 15 #1


In Focus: MSL Develops FatButton(tm) Fire Finder Mapping Specialists has partnered with the Madison Fire Department to develop an interactive mapping product that allows firefighters to quickly and easily access map data while responding to emergencies. Before this partnership, MFD used hard copy map books that were updated systematically each year. The concept of the FatButton™ evolved when we first spoke with Assistant Chief Jim Keiken. Chief Keiken explained that … Read More →

Newsletter Winter 2006 Vol. 14 #1


In Focus: There’s a New Sheriff in Town! Mapping Specialists’ CEO Jeff Kranz announces that effective January 1, 2006, David Knipfer is promoted to President of Mapping Specialists Ltd. Dave has a long history of playing important roles within MSL, and has been a crucial part of the company’s growth over most of the 21 years since MSL’s founding. His years of working closely with our clients and managing the … Read More →

Newsletter Summer 2005 Vol. 13 #1


In Focus: Wisconsin’s Ice Age Trail The Plan Do you enjoy a good story? Then come visit the Ice Age National Scenic Trail (IAT), a linear park winding 1,000 miles over glacial features in Wisconsin. The unique story of the most recent continental glaciers in North America – about 15,000 years ago – is now being told through the efforts of both private and public resources…and thousands of volunteers. The … Read More →

Newsletter Winter 2004 Vol. 12 #2


In Focus: Mapping Land Ownership Suzie Young, President of Rockford Map Publishers, is the third generation to head the company. Founded in 1944, RMP is celebrating its 60th year publishing plat books and landowner information. Located in Rockford, Illinois, Rockford Map Publishers is a family owned mapping company. The principal product produced by RMP is a plat book that is available in both print and digital form. Plat books are … Read More →

Newsletter Summer 2004 Vol. 12 #1

MSL Newsletter

IN FOCUS: Señor Minkel C.W. “Bud” Minkel is professor of geography at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. He has written and contributed to hundreds of publications, and is considered the dean of Latin Americanist geography. Before the “art” in cARTography can be executed, information must be gathered. As in the art itself, the acquisition of source material has changed radically. Prior to the computer revolution and development of the Internet, Mapping … Read More →