Figuring out what it takes to produce a map before we start helps both of us plan out our projects.

We have found that content and complexity determines price. A small, complicated map could cost the same or more than a large, simple map. The best way to determine how much we need to charge is to send us a representative map sample for your project.

We usually estimate based on average cost, but we can derive individual map prices if you prefer. When we estimate based on average cost, it simplifies the budget and invoice processes. We can also break the estimate down into a few price categories if the complexity range of maps is large.

If you know the average price for the maps in a project, you can easily decide how adding or eliminating a few maps affects the final price. Once a map has gone into production, especially through first proof, there is some cost incurred. We usually expect that 90% to 95% of our work is completed by the time the first proof is delivered.

Extra Charges

As far as extra charges go, we would rather not “nickel and dime you to death.” We expect that some changes will occur during the proofing stages, so we build that into our estimate. If extra charges (Author’s Adjustments or AA’s) occur, you will be notified. That way, you receive no surprises on your invoice.